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Through our journey in growth, Maloo Group has always believed that holding people is crucial for long term results. Our strong supply chain ensures that there is no week link that threatens the solutions and services we provide to a diverse clientele across India. Therefore, we are also prepared for disruptions or emergencies and no client’s project is stalled after it is taken up. From the consumer’s perspective, our normal operating capacity never fails due to the supply chain and the large network we have developed over a period. Our management have specialized vendors who cater to:

  • Builders
  • Interior contractors
  • Individual homeowners
  • Landscapers

Our vendors work on the highest standards which believe in commitment under the Maloo Group leadership. We are flexible to minimize the risks and stress. Hence, we take care to invest in a strong supply chain. Due to a strong network and transparent policies with them we can accelerate growth, increase savings and reduce disruptions with agile solutions. This provides us with a competitive edge to offer online solutions and services on ground effectively.