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Your most reliable source for imported and Indian natural stones

Imperial Marble and Granite is a leading supplier of customised natural stones in Bangalore. We are the first vendors to customize slabs as per customer requirement. This is a pure European technique that has yet to enter the Indian markets. Natural stones sourced from quarries in India and Italy have varied applications. For the last six years, the company has been designing dreams, providing services for residential and commercial establishments.

Latest technology is used for masonry cutting. The equipment used for cutting stones have precise measurements and are done in a manufacturing plant outside the city. The technical team has experience in their craftsmanship. Display showrooms have a comprehensive inventory of the world’s finest marbles, granite and other natural stones for a wide range of choices. The trained staff is able to offer the best services and solutions to individual and commercial customers. The customer service is offered once the project is complete.

This is a payment reminder web app designed for diverse users who provide credit to their customers. This service has been launched in Bangalore, a city where technological advances are appreciated. In 60 seconds an account can, be created and the customer is able to access several features like reminders for monthly payments, collection, calculators, deferred payments and late fees. In addition to the basic features Clear Balance also provides instant updates and monthly reports of financial dealings. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

As nearly 40% of business in India is done with credit, Clear Balance is one of the best service providers for B2B sector, individual owners, restaurants and shopkeepers. In fact, anyone doing business on credit benefits with the app reminder. Millions of payments are organized by structured scheduled reminders that are given on sms, WhatsApp and emails. In Bangalore, several small merchants are happy to use it on a regular basis.

For the 1st time in Bangalore, Hi-gloss door, wardrobe and cabinet finishes have been introduced by Karmy. The finishes made of good quality acrylic are 17 times stronger than glass and more durable compared to natural stones and wood. They are lightweight and very easy to clean and maintain after installation. It is also easy for professionals to glue the material on various surfaces, making quick installation. The finishes are available in different eye pleasing colors that match with the rest of the interiors.

Bringing customized accessories to Indian clients under Karmy is best done with customized solutions. The company has acquired machinery to make precise cuts and edges for any room or space. It is a premium product that does not chip, age and is an ideal fixture for residential, retail and commercial projects.

The product is already a huge success with Architects, Interior designers, direct homeowners for kitchen countertops, retail owners, commercial dealers and distributors in India.

Quality floor restoration services are critical for maintenance, hygiene and overall beauty of the surface. We have a trained staff, advanced equipment and experts who manage customers for annual maintenance. Appropriate applications and methods are used for restoration projects. Our staff is trained before they enter the job site and work under the supervision of senior technicians with more than 10 to 12 years of experience.

A 24-hour turnaround time is given to the customers for the restoration project. As professionals we take up projects to restore, refurbish, repair and polish natural stone flooring.

Floorzy Makeover is dedicated to give the best customer experience for industrial and private clients.

Under our company Imperial Marble & Granite we bring sophisticated machinery and equipment for hire and practical usage for specific needs. We have experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in the use of these heavy-duty machines.Theyexplain the productive environment in which the machines operate. The trained staff are skilled machine operators who provide precise and polished results. The automated IMG plant benefits are being used by several clients.

The highlights include:

  • Precise measurements with 3-D digital applications for commercial and domestic kitchen countertops
  • CAD drawings for exact points
  • Water jet technology
  • Control over changes in the drawings
  • Fabrication processes and CNG edges
  • Full scale visualization of design before being implemented
  • Fully automated with no manual intervention