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This is a payment reminder web app designed for diverse users who provide credit to their customers. This service has been launched in Bangalore, a city where technological advances are appreciated. In 60 seconds an account can, be created and the customer is able to access several features like reminders for monthly payments, collection, calculators, deferred payments and late fees. In addition to the basic features Clear Balance also provides instant updates and monthly reports of financial dealings. The app can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

As nearly 40% of business in India is done with credit, Clear Balance is one of the best service providers for B2B sector, individual owners, restaurants and shopkeepers. In fact, anyone doing business on credit benefits with the app reminder. Millions of payments are organized by structured scheduled reminders that are given on sms, WhatsApp and emails. In Bangalore, several small merchants are happy to use it on a regular basis.

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MalooGroup sourcedVito a premium brand catering exclusively to care for all kinds of stone surfaces. The products are manufactured in Italy within fully automated plants. Each product has a unique formulation to bring out its usefulness. The brand is already well known across Europe and now we have brought it to India. With many customers opting for alternative flooring made of natural stones, the demand for maintenance and cleanliness has increased.

The products consist of resin, hardeners, joint fillers, epoxysealers and mastics to bring back the original shine to the surfaces. In addition, we have a range of cleaners, polishers and stain removers to complete the process of rejuvenation.

The highlights of the entire product range focus on:

  • Extending the durability of the surface of the marble or granite or any other natural stone.
  • Protection from constant abuse of water, humidity, wear& tear during work on the surface
  • Savings through annual maintenance
  • Ideal for professional usage

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DUSH is yet another Italian brand that is popular all over Europe. As part of bringing the best brands to India, Maloo Group. There are more than 40 products that can be used for lifelong protection of natural stones, tiles and ceramic surfaces. They are useful for large surfaces in commercial places like airport & hotel lobbies, malls & corporate offices. As these places have a larger footprint, the maintenance and cleanliness are important daily.The formulations are created by market demands in the R & D center. As they are professionally researched, they offer 100% results.

The range consists of a wide variety of:

  • Sealers and guards
  • Cleaners
  • Care and Protect for pre-installation
  • Repairs solutions
  • Restoration after installation
  • Stain removers
  • Polishing chemicals
  • Mastics
  • Resins & epoxy systems
  • Marble Glue
  • Joint/Grout fillers
  • Polishing maintenance
  • Equipment and accessories for wet and dry for flooring
  • Finishing and waxing

Our clients who use the products regularly understand that it is important to have services that bring value to their company. We provide unique solutions at affordable costs. Our customers include builders and architects, natural stone suppliers, cleaning and maintenance companies and individual owners.

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Your most reliable source for imported and Indian natural stones

Imperial Marble and Granite is a leading supplier of customised natural stones in Bangalore. We are the first vendors to customize slabs as per customer requirement. This is a pure European technique that has yet to enter the Indian markets. Natural stones sourced from quarries in India and Italy have varied applications. For the last six years, the company has been designing dreams, providing services for residential and commercial establishments.

Latest technology is used for masonry cutting. The equipment used for cutting stones have precise measurements and are done in a manufacturing plant outside the city. The technical team has experience in their craftsmanship. Display showrooms have a comprehensive inventory of the world’s finest marbles, granite and other natural stones for a wide range of choices. The trained staff is able to offer the best services and solutions to individual and commercial customers. The customer service is offered once the project is complete.


Meeting market demands of professional users of our products and applications is important for the company’sorganicgrowth. Floorzy Makeover takes over floor maintenance of residential complexes, hotel lobbies, and shopping malls. Our experts know how to restore or refurbish marble, granite or natural stone with aesthetic and elegant end results.

We take up the challenge to make the surface look like it was freshly installed with our services. The methodology is detailed after the experts examine the surface It is also our belief that restoration is cost saving and repairs are recommended to you only if necessary.

Our services are popular because of:

  • 12 hours’ turnaround time
  • Qualified staff
  • Specialized and updated equipment
  • Experienced technicians
  • Satisfied clients

   TOLL FREE NO: +91 99020 63435

The brand name ‘Karmy Acrylic’ symbolizes a new trend in remodeling and refurbishing surfaces. Its distinct hi-gloss appearance makes it the perfect fit for people who need the right materials for refurbishing fixtures. The best applications of the product are for enhancing the beauty of living rooms, kitchens, modular wardrobes, executive offices, shutters, counter tops, TV Units and center tables.

Our service team provides consultation, execution and installation for all the customers. Our experienced staff know how to cut the material according to precise measurements of varying thickness for doors and windows.

Karmy Acrylic is a premium finish material that has overtaken laminates and other finishes for interior décor for residential and commercial enterprises. It is designed for Indian kitchens: the hub for all family members to gather. As modern families are changing tastes in interior decor, there is no doubt that smooth acrylic-based appearances are gaining credence. With this new design there is an interplay of texture, functionality and durability. Due to its non-toxic nature, it is a healthy alternative compared to other applications. Currently doors and shutters are popularly designed with acrylic paneling. They are ideally suited for kitchen cabinets too. The look is richer and is of course better and costlier compared to laminates.